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Homemade mango granola

There is something so comforting about of the smell of homemade granola and the taste is just better when you make it yourself.

Ingredients: 90g almond butter

3 Tbsp maple syrup

1 Tsp vanilla extract

1 Tsp ground ginger

¼ cup melted coconut oil

35g punpkin seeds

70g dates

70g cashew nuts

170g oats

70 dried mango Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 150°C

2. In a bowl mix almond butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract, ground ginger and the melted coconut oil and stir well

3. Add pumpkin seeds, chopped dates, chopped cashew nuts and oats to the bowl and mix well

4. Spread the mixture evenly onto a lined baking sheet

5. Bake for 25 mins, then mix in 70g of chopped dried mango, and bake for an additional 5 mins. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

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